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Here are a couple of excerpts from God Cures:

“While there are certainly some very clear things to try and avoid pertaining to diet, exercise, prayer, meditation, and exploring and discovering happiness through hobbies and joy through Jesus, this book is more about things we can do to improve our condition without becoming religious about it and completely restricting all the little things that give us pleasure in life.”

“…I am not a doctor, I have been surrounded by them through the years of my journey to discover God’s cure. This book is not intended to treat or cure any disease. This book is intended to prove that God’s cure exists and is available to anyone who is hungry enough and ready enough to find it!”

As featured in Your World with Creflo

As featured in Your World with Creflo

God Cures Book

Now Damon is bringing his 21-day journey, his story, and the biblical secrets to REAL AND LASTING HEALING to you! Imagine, what pharmaceutical companies, doctors, expensive treatments haven’t delivered… all yours in 21 days!

God Cures Bundle

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  • 1 Life Talks – The Series
  • God Cure Full Interview with Creflo Dollar CD

Stay Up to Date with Damon Davis and His All New Book, “God Cures”

About Damon

Damon Davis is a man of God who has devoted his life to serving ministries, nonprofit groups, and humanitarian organizations around the world through the production and media services of his company, Legacy Worldwide. When diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Davis set out to discover what God’s will is for our health, physically, mentally, and spiritually. What he found is a powerful revelation that has brought him back to health, and he wants to share that revelation with anyone that will receive it.

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Kim Reynolds

For so long when dealing with my illness, I felt like I had no options. But what the doctors didn’t tell me is that my illness was more than just physiological. What I love about God Cures is that it doesn’t just teach about the health of the body; it teaches about the health of mind and spirit.

I’ve watched Damon on tv for years and reading the book it was like he was talking directly to me. I found clear understanding about myself and some things I’ve been going through without confusing jargon just the clear understanding of God’s perfect design works in us. I’m on my journey and this has become my roadmap.

J.T. Johnson


Thank you so much! I’m reading your book,God Cures, and I love it, can’t put it down! It ‘s a great book, a transformational book.The world is so small. I was born and raised in Bujumbura,Burundi, not so far from Kinshasa,Congo where you went with Dikembe Mutombo for the grand opening of the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital before you fell so sick upon your arrival back home. I’m learning a lot of wisdom through your book, thank God I bought it! May God continue to guide you and give you His favor in everything! God bless you Damon!