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*individual results may vary. Average 30 day weightloss is 15-35 lbs. men tend to lose weight more rapidly than women.


More than a billion people today live with some sort of illness. Yet the perfect human body was created to repair and heal itself. Why, then, are so many people living beneath healthy? The truth is your pain and disease are not just part of aging. Your struggles in your health, happiness, money, and relationships are not just life. That wasn’t God’s plan or intent. God’s desire is for you to live an abundant life in which you are happy, healthy, and whole. God Cures shows you how to leverage God’s curing design with daily directions for eating, sleeping, exercising, and reflecting in a means to connect the dots between your spirit, soul, and body.

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Here are a couple of excerpts from God Cures

“By ignoring the working of the body, we are ignoring the laws of physics and biology. We have forgotten that actions cause reactions. We have dodged exercise, good nutrition, and other health habits only to find church leaders and laypeople alike with disease-ridden lives stemming from poor lifestyles, bad eating decisions, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, lack of hydration, and sugared diets, all leading to additions, mental illness, abuse of the body, and cellular decay.”

“The same genes that were designed to function in a place of perfection now operates in us.  Only now, since sin came on the scene and man’s spirit died, those genes are susceptible to disunity, fracture, exposure, and adaptation to an environment that is not perfect.  Those genes, as science proves, now malfunction.  And unless those malfunctions are handled God’s way, according to His plan for man’s reconciliation to Him, the impact will be felt for generations to come.”

“Renewing your mind through meditation will lead you to success. Joshua 1:8 says that meditation on God’s Word is the path to obtaining a prosperous life… Meditation is not just going quietly “within” to find a state of tranquility and peace. It’s using the Word of God as a tool to find peace and solutions in your life.”

About Damon DAvis

Damon Davis has devoted his life to serving ministries, nonprofit groups, and humanitarian organizations around the world through the production and media services of his company, Legacy Worldwide. When diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Damon set out to discover what God’s will is for our health, physically, mentally and spiritually. What he found is a powerful revelation that has brought him back to health, and he wants to share that revelation with more that will receive it.


“When I read God Cures, it wasn’t just my body at stake, my soul and spirit were at stake as well… It really changed my lifestyle for the better.”


“When a friend of mine suggested that I read God Cures, I just knew right from the title of the book that God was going to be with me. Not only has my way of thinking changed, my whole lifestyle has changed. Now I am feeling great!”

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“Through the book, I learned how much sleep helps with healing and restoring the body. I also learned that resting and sleeping allows your body to be more in sync with hormones and appetite.”

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