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God Cures: 21 Days to Look Good, Live Great and Love Well …

the Ground-Breaking Book by industry leader and television host, Damon Davis!

Now Damon is bringing his 21-day journey, his story, and the biblical secrets to REAL AND LASTING HEALING to you! Imagine, what pharmaceutical companies, doctors, expensive treatments haven’t delivered… all yours in 21 days!

About Damon

Damon Davis, chairman and CEO of Legacy Worldwide, is recognized as a global leader in production and media services among nonprofit groups, humanitarian organizations, and ministries around the world. Davis has dedicated himself to building on a family heritage of helping ministries and organizations. Through his nationally broadcast 1onONE interview program Davis continues to pursue opportunities to promote health and personal development that will lead to better and brighter futures for everyone.


"As a person currently battling cancer, I can say that this book has given me hope for healing. I've learned that you must heal your mind and spirit, if you want to heal your body - this is a concept that the mainstream medical community does not teach! I hope Damon's book will open people's eyes to the mind, body, spirit connection ... and not only that, but we need to BELIEVE that God still heals today the same way He did in the Bible!"

Kim Reynolds

Stay Up to Date with Damon Davis and His All New Book, “God Cures”

Led by the Holy Spirit and with insight from many of the pastors and leaders you know well, Damon began a personal journey to find TRUE HEALING. In just 21 days, God took what was meant to destroy Damon's life and revealed to him the blueprint for TOTAL HEALING AND RESTORATION, found in God Cures...


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"Being sick can be the loneliest place in the world. I mean lonely. Desert flower lonely. I never really understood how true this was, how lonely a world it is for the one who is sick, until I experienced my own health challenge. You see, when we get sick, it's as though no one else is there with us. Sure, there may be lots of people around - family and friends - but when we are sick, it can feel as though we are utterly alone."

"But God is not a talking box. So instead, I anguished. I cried hard. All I could think was, 'Will I ever catch a break? Will there always be suffering for me? What did I do to deserve this? Haven’t I already gone through enough?'"




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You will receive your “best of 1onONE episodes” in convenient, digital format in this attractive case.

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* God Cures book will ship on January 9th, as this is the release date of the book.